Ad Parnassum No. 23 - Contents

Ad Parnassum
Vol. 12 - No. 23 - April 2014
pp. 216

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Fulvia Morabito


Graham Pont
A Volume of Corelli’s Works Owned and Annotated by Charles Burney

Massimo Pinca
August Müller’s Contributions to the «Neue Zeitschrift für Musik» (1848-1849): Evidence of Approaches to Orchestral Double Bass Playing in the Mid-19th Century

Maiko Kawabata
The Aura of Stradivari’s Violins

Jee-Weon Cha
Moment and Allegory: Hearing Richard Strauss’s «Tod und Verklärung», Op. 24

Ryszard Daniel Golianek
Imaginary Poland. The Musical Depiction of a Non-Existent Country in Instrumental Music by Nineteenth-Century Foreign Composers


David Chapman
Francesco Galeazzi, Theoretical-Practical Elements of Music, Parts iii and iv

Laure Schnapper
Antoine Reicha. Écrits inédits et oubliés / Unbekannte und unveröffentlichte Schriften. Vol. 1: Autobiographie, articles et premiers écrits théoriques / Autobiographie, unbekannte und frühe theorische Schriften

Maria Teresa Arfini
Susan Wollenberg, Schubert’s Fingerprints: Studies in the Instrumental Works

Floyd Grave
Luigi Boccherini, Clementina G 540

Rohan H. Stewart-MacDonald
Mozart’s Chamber Music with Keyboard

Fiorella Sassanelli
Rémy Campos, François-Joseph Fétis musicographe

Susan Wollenberg
Giorgio Sanguinetti, The Art of Partimento: History, Theory, and Practice

Natasha Loges
Robert Pascall, Brahms Beyond Mastery: His Sarabande and Gavotte, and its Recompositions


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