Ad Parnassum No. 29 - Contents

Ad Parnassum
Vol. 15 - No. 29 - April 2017
pp. 116

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Simone Laghi
The Violinist Paolo Alberghi and his Musical Network, or the Reconsideration of a Tradition


Fulvia Morabito
The ‘Locatelli Renaissance’: Defining the Phenomenon

Graham Pont
J. B. Cramer’s Arrangements of Corelli’s Concerti Grossi and the Problem of Non-Uniform Articulation

David Hurwitz
Vibrato in the Classical Orchestra: A Nineteenth-Century Case Study


Francisco José Fernández Vicedo
Beverly Jerold, The Complexities of Early Instrumentation: Winds and Brass

Raffaele D’Eredità
Rémy Campos, Le Conservatoire de Paris et son histoire. Une institution en question. Un essai suivi de seize entretiens


Chiara Pelliccia
«Fulgeat sol frontis decorae». Studi in onore di Michael Talbot

David Rowland
The Early Keyboard Sonata in Italy and Beyond

Chiara Macrì
Francesco Pollini, Metodo per pianoforte / Piano Method

Petra Weber Kindhäuser
Edward Klorman, Mozart’s Music of Friends

Federico Gon
Music and War: From French Revolution to WWi


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